Oppressive Erdoğan and the AKP Government are trying to close down the adversarial Hayatın Sesi Television


Our television started broadcasting in November 2007. It was founded, in opposition to capital and the rulership, as the television of the workers, the public and their intellectuals.

It aims to reflect the the realities of the world we live in…

To reach to and deliver the truth…


For this purpose;

It was with the millions uprising against the Turkish dictatorship and authoritaniasm in the Gezi occupation

In Kobane with the freedom fighters,

In the workplaces and the strike tents of workers saying “enough is enough”

In the wild with those defending life,

‘At home’ and in the streets with women fighting for their lives and equality.


We broadcast live from workers’ struggles from all over the world. In Turkey it has been the voice of those that opposed the El Khomri proposals in France, the junior doctors in the UK, metal workers in Germany, those rejecting austerity measures in Greece, those that cried “We are the 99%” in the USA. We were the mouthpiece in Turkey for international struggles against racism, sexism, dictatorship and colonialism. We cried ‘Black Lives Matter’ with the friends of Mumia Abu Jamal and Michael Brown. We were alongside the ‘Occupy Central’ activists with their yellow umbrellas, on the streets for a democracy in Hong Kong. We cried ‘Moubarak, Ben Ali Dégage!’along with the Arab people on the streets of Egypt and Tunisia calling for ‘bread, dignity and freedom’. We revolted against the Israeli occupation of Gaza and searched for the missings with the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina and with the parents of Ayotzinapa students in Mexico. We rose up with millions in Burkino Faso against the rulership of Blaise Compaoré. We felt the pain of the young Farkhunda in Afghanistan as if we were set on fire. We walked with women in Spain, fighting for the right to an abortion with the cries of ‘Por nuestro derecho a decidir’.


Hayatın Sesi never pursued any financial gain, it was never motivated by profit; criticised and rejected it. It was founded by the donations of the people, grew with their solidarity. Took all its decisions through a collective production process; demolished the traditional hierarchies of journalism. Thousands of workers, authors and artists “banned” from television found a place for themselves in Hayatın Sesi.


In 2008 our screen was darkened…

With solidarity and a united struggle we pushed the government to backtrack and continued our broadcast.


Today, the AKP government is again running an enormous campaign of oppression and threats against all sections and media that are critical of it. Journalists are prosecuted; media outlets arbitrarily taken over; media organs are intimidated with penalties. It is trampling all over the freedom of the press.


In this anti-democratic torrent, attempts are made to silence Hayatın Sesi Television; the voice of workers and labourers, sided with peace and democracy. Numerous administrative finacial penalties and threats are imposed upon it. Lets not permit the attempts to silence and shut down the Hayatın Sesi Television, the only adversarial workers’ television channel that can be viewed widely…


Hayatın Sesi Television


Note: Hayatın Sesi Television broadcasts over the TURK-SAT satellite.

www.hayattv.net, Twitter: @hayatin_sesi